Spotlight on Sponsor Everything For Pageants

When it comes to putting together wardrobe for pageants or even prom, don’t you love one-stop shopping?  The Miss Illinois United States Organization wardrobe sponsor, Everything For Pageants is the ideal place to find nearly everything on your list. From your dream formal dress, designer shoes, and fine jewelry for your next beauty pageant, prom, or other special event, they’ve got it. With all of the pageant preparation to get to Miss Jr. Teen United States, having awesome sponsors makes it just that much easier and a lot more fun! Mrs. Kimberly and her assistant Chelsea really treated me like a celebrity. Ciara and Everything For Pageants Staff

When we got the announcement about our 1st official titleholder photoshoot, I was super excited. It’s so much fun to get all ‘glam’ and work with the photographers and creative directors to get the right look. The official hair and make up team sets up a little salon and gets right to it, making us all glamorous and amazing. But, one of the huge stars of any photoshoot is THE perfect gown! Thank goodness for Everything For Pageants for making sure my gowns are magical and perfect. I worked closely with the staff, one-on-one. From the hundreds and hundreds of dresses, I was able to play dress up for hours and try on as many as I could. Fun, fun, FUN! They even had designer shoes and the best fine jewelry to complete the look.

We had great fun searching through hundreds of amazing gowns!

As my wardrobe sponsor, Everything For Pageants was also really helpful in finding me a really spectacular evening gown to wear at the Miss Jr. Teen United States national competition in July. I just can’t wait to show you my gown, get up on the stage, and work hard to make Illinois proud. Look for me out and about in Washington, DC in another fun and fashion forward dress sponsored by Everything For Pageants too!

So, whether you are looking for the perfect prom dress, your next pageant gown, or special event dress; remember how awesome and fun it was for me to work with them. You can experience being treated like a celebrity too. Big, huge thanks to the entire staff, especially Mrs. Kimberly Holliday Triani.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for my opinion or views, I just think Everything For Pageants is pretty cool and wanted to share with you too. Happy Shopping. 🙂


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